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Edit 14.11.2012: Currently there are 60 Apps Contests (Open Government Data) listed in the Apps contest spreadsheet – check your country and add the missing contests. We have sent out a short survey for the Contest Organizers, please fill in the the form and spread the link:

List of government related apps contests

List of government related apps contests

By now we’ve seen many apps contests, in many forms, all around world. In a way, this continuous sprawl is a success in itself. On the other hand, critique related to the lack of sustainability of the apps contests is growing. There is a demand and a need to learn from each other and design better and more sustainable models for boosting the innovation around open data.

If you are interested in making better apps contests or have other new ideas on how to boost the innovation around open data – feel free to join the discussion at the appsforx -email list. The list was established after a international Apps Contest Organizers meetup which was organized during the Open Knowledge Festival 2012 in Helsinki (see also the meeting memo).

Right now I am compiling a topic report with working title: “Innovation Contests for Open Data Re-use”. I would appreciate all in populating the listing of Apps contests, you can add missing details and contests or share the link to people who might know about other apps contests

List of Apps Contest

If you notice missing detail, please add those directly to the Google spreadsheet of Government-related Apps Contests, or comment on this blog post. Further questions to Antti Poikola antti.poikola [a] / Twitter @apoikola

Apps Contests Survey

If you have been involved in organizing one or many of the Open Government Data Apps Contests, please fill-in the survey ( ) . We (me and Frank Kresin from the Waag Society) will go trough the survey answers on November 15th 2012, so please answer before that.

About apoikola

I have expertise in developing solutions for the open collaboration between citizens and the public sector organizations. I am active in and Open Data- and Cycling movements in Finland and elsewhere. My calling is to work with issues that make cities and urban areas better and more sustainable places to live in.

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